Everything is a potential new project.

The common thread in all of the titles I hold in life is being a maker. I offer teams my technical knowledge combined with my mentorship skills, thereby naturally selected for leadership roles by those I work with. I always focus on balancing creative problem solving with approachable design.

Addative Synthesis in MaxMSP

Insipired by seeing a unique synth used by Deadmau5, I created an addative synth with built in filters and an ADSR envelope for Ableton Live. I wanted a synth that could recreate a frequency range closer to that of an analog synth, so I created a controller with MaxMSP.

uDrive: Mechatronic Wheelchair Assist

In my Capstone Design project, I let a team of six Mechanical Engineers to create a Manual Wheelchair pushoff assist. We saw a gap in the market for people who needed to be in a wheelchair due to medical issues but could not afford an automatic wheelchair.

CMU Student Body President - Election Website

I ran in an election for CMU Student Body President, personally designing the website to promote my campaign. After occupying mutiple positions in Student Government and being the 2016-2017 President of the Undergraduate Student Senate, This website promoted my vision for the future of campus.

CoffeeSense: Proof of Concept

As part of my Physical Computing course, I was in charge of circuitry for a coffee cup that lets you know when it feels neglected. Just a few minutes before the coffee gets too cool, our mug sounds a tone letting you know that it’s time to chug that caffeine before it’s too late.